We have been apart from corporate worship for over five months. We have reached a point through prayer and many discussions and believe it is time we return. The return will be with responsibility and caution.

    We know that many will choose to continue worshiping at home for a variety of reasons, and we support that decision.  Those with compromised immunity, specific vulnerabilities or other health concerns are encouraged to watch services with us via livestream or listen by radio in the parking lot. Anyone who shows serious symptoms of COVID-19, tests positive, or has someone in their household test positive should not attend the service until you receive a clean bill of health. 

     Many will think we have waited too long and others will think we are acting too quickly, but we believe it is time to cautiously take another step forward.  After several leadership meetings, we believe we can do so safely and gradually.  It is going to take all of us doing the right thing and showing a lot of grace to one another.


What You Can Expect of Your Hagood Leadership


As we begin to offer worship services, our staff and volunteer team will take the following precautions:

  • Our custodial team is diligently cleaning our facilities including hard surfaces, door knobs, and restrooms. Hagood has purchased a KAMO disinfectant fog/haze unit that can cover the entire sanctuary in 10 minutes killing 99.9% of germs. This KAMO disinfectant machine is the same units that are use in hospitals, doctors offices, and some schools. We will clean thoroughly before & after any services.

  • We will limit our worship service to no more than 30% capacity. Proper social distancing protocols of up to 6 feet apart will be in place.

  • Hand sanitizer will be provided upon entering and exiting the building. The main entrances of the foyer will have “touchless” motion sensor sanitizers at both entrances. Other bottles can be found in bathrooms and foyer table

  • Specific entrances and exits will be used to limit cross-flow of traffic.

  • Our leadership, staff and deacons will wear masks.

  • We will seat you in a predetermined strategy.

  • If someone tests positive for Covid-19 after a service, after talking with them we will notify everyone at that service so they can take adequate precautions.


What We Ask of Our Hagood Family


As we gather, we want to take precautions out of love for one another. As we move forward we want to protect those worshiping along with us and the vulnerable in our community. Please join us in this by:

  • The use of masks is recommended and encouraged but not mandatory. Remember that a face covering is meant to protect other people.

  • Make every effort to maintain a distance of six feet apart from others (this includes refraining from shaking hands, embracing or other physical contact).

  • Refrain from coming to a service if you or anyone else you have been around shows symptoms of COVID-19.

  • If you are particularly vulnerable to COVID-19 because of any risk factors, we encourage you to refrain from coming to any event taking place at Hagood.

  • If you have any reason (work or family) that you have to be tested for COVID, we graciously ask that you stay home. In the case that you test positive for COVID-19 and you’ve attended one of our services, please inform our office or ministry leaders of the service/event/date you attended immediately.



Have More Questions? The following might help answer them:

  • Is there childcare? 

  No, we are not providing childcare at this time. We encourage you to worship together as a family

  • What time will the doors open? 


  • What time does the service start? 


  • If Hagood has more than the sanctuary and overflow will hold, what then? 

  We will move temporarily to two services, first @ 9:00am, second @ 10:15am

  • Where should I park? 

 Senior adult and handicap parking will be available in your normal spots

  • Will you still have radio available? 

 Yes. If you are planning to park and listen by radio our ushers in the parking lot will try to park you in the shade. This will    potentially be under the trees at the parsonage

  • Will you Live Stream on Facebook? 


  • Will there be security personnel?


  • Where can I enter the building?

You can use either side of the church Foyer and enter the double glass doors. The other entrances will not be used. This helps us know what exactly needs to be cleaned

  • Do I have to wear a mask? 

Staff, ushers, greeters and volunteers workers will wear masks. Based on recent guidance, we strongly encourage you to wear a mask while in the building, but it is not mandatory. If you forget yours, we have extra masks available. Just ask our Life Connect team members for one

  • Should a child wear a mask? 

Only If they are over 10 years of age. The CDC does not recommend children age 3 and under to wear a mask

  • Will there be singing? 


  • Will there be bulletins? 

Services will be paperless, No bulletins or hymnals. Please Bring your Bible!

  • Is Hagood enforcing social distancing? 

Yes, we have arranged our pews to allow 6 feet between worshippers. Out of respect for others, we ask that people not congregate in the building before or after the service

  • Communion? 

We will have communion together on August 30th. We will provide safety sealed pre-packs as you enter to avoid passing the elements

  • Will you have Children’s Sermons?

 No, not at this time

  • Will there be assigned seating? 

Sort of: Ushers will seat you one family at a time. They will seat you by a strategy that will ensure adequate distancing. We know many of you have your “favorite pew or spot” to sit but in this case, we ask that you be gracious just for this season and sit where ushers have predetermined it to be safe and best. Please leave at least 6 ft. of distance between your family and the next

  • Special seating of any kind? 

Yes. If you have asthma, high blood pressure, diabetes, any underlining health issues or over age 60 we recommend you inform the ushers and they will find the safest seating arrangement for you

  • Will I be able to use the restroom? 

Yes, our bathrooms will be available.

  • How will the offering be collected? 

We will have offering receptacles in the foyer for you to drop off your offering as you enter or exit. You can also give online

  • Will there be a greeting time in the service? 

No, there will not be a greeting time

  • Will Sunday School meet? 

No. Sunday School classes will not be meeting during the month of September. We will evaluate this the first week of October

  • What about Wednesday’s?

 No midweek gatherings will be held at this time

  • What about Celebrate Recovery, Small Groups, AWANAS, or Youth? 

No, none of these ministries will meet at this time. We will re-evaluate the safety of small group meetings in early October. Brandon and Kara will let you know about any social distanced Student or Children’s activity as they occur

  • Any alternatives for these groups for now? 

Yes, Youth and Kids might plan some outdoor activities; Celebrate Recovery can continue online meetings; Sunday School and Small Groups have used Zoom to conduct virtual meetings

  • Does the church own a Zoom account that a Bible Study Group can use? 

Yes. We have a premium account. It has unlimited number of people and unlimited time. Just contact the office or Brandon with the time your group wants to meet, and we will set you up with instructions

  • When will things at church get back to normal? 

As soon as possible. The reality is that “normal” is unknown but you can trust that the deacons and staff will evaluate things weekly and return as soon as possible

  • More questions? Call the office at 259-3261

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