Update COVID-19

Hagood Family, 


We are constantly working to provide for our church family. We love and care for you deeply. We look for God to reveal Himself in a mighty way even in these times of uncertainty. Things we implemented as of today:


  1. A Weekly phone call to all elderly (over 65) or anyone physically in need. We want to check the status of how you are doing and what your needs may be and how we can help. So, expect a call.

  2. Prayer index cards will be placed on the altar and prayed over by our staff and deacons everyday and cards will remain on the altar until we reconvene in person

  3. Submit your prayer request to us from your phone, tablet or computer by clicking this link.

  4. We will Live Stream online the next 2 Sunday morning worships. It will purposely be condensed to 40 minutes and will include a couple songs, updates & announcements, prayer together and a brief message

  5. Some have asked about tithes; We expect tithing to be effected in some aspect but it does not have to be. We fully trust the Lord and His people to provide.

    • You may have a tithe dropped off to the office between 9am and 2pm Mon. - Thurs.

    • Mail it to 1144 Hagood Avenue, Barnwell, SC 

    • You could place your tithe in a safe place weekly and when we reconvene tithe all at once

    • You might want to consider signing up for E-Giving by click here. (I have used E-Giving for 7 years and is as safe as giving checks.)


Online Live Events will be as follows:


  • Sunday, March 22 - Morning at 10:45am - Brother Scott will preach

  • Sunday, March 29 - Morning at 10:45am - Brother Brandon will preach


  • Each Sunday evening at 5:30pm - Brother Brandon will teach a lesson on Spiritual Disciplines (20 minutes)


  • Every morning during the week (Monday through Friday) Brother Scott will provide a personal (5 minute) devotion for you. Post will be loaded at 8:00am each day.


  • Each Wednesday at 6:30pm - Brandon will continue Spiritual Disciplines study


We will offer a template with scripture, outline, and questions for your family to download and conduct weekly family devotions. You may desire to do your own devotion but if you’d like some help, we are providing a one-page sheet on our website for you to easily go through the same study as the rest of our church families. We will focus on 1 John through this period of separation


Kara will also be providing a resource for your children in addition to these family devotionals.


Note: Family devotion sheets and Children’s activities will be posted to website tomorrow evening (Saturday, March 21)


On behalf of the Church staff and deacons we continue to monitor these circumstances each day and are making efforts to reach out to our church family in various ways.


I encourage all of you baby boomers and the latter to think about taking your tablets over to your parents’ house and allow them to see and listen to our LiveStream service this Sunday morning at 10:45. Make sure you can connect to WiFi. We will be providing a LINK to our channel tomorrow.


If you need anything, please call us. Don’t forget to submit PRAYER REQUESTS by clicking link. God Bless all of you!

PRAYER FORM Click here.


In Christ,


Scott, Brandon, Kara, and the deacons



“By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another.”

John 13:35 KJV

Hagood avenue
baptist church

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