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Kids Ministry

At Hagood, we have many opportunities for children to get involved. Our volunteers pour into our kids week after week, showing them love and helping them to grow in their relationship with Christ. Children learn what it means to be a follower of Jesus, memorize scripture, learn about serving others and put what they learn into action, and have a lot of fun! Listed below are some of our ministry opportunities. 

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Sunday Night Ministry
5:30-7:00 pm

3 Years Old - 6th Grade

Join us for worship, games, Bible study, and more. We are using The Gospel Project Curriculum.

RA's and GA's
Wednesday Nights

In RA's and GA's, boys and girls not only learn and grow in their relationship with Christ, but they learn to serve others. They have a hands-on approach to missions and sharing Christ and His love with the world.

Vacation Bible School

One of our greatest ministries to children is Vacation Bible School. We get to reach and love children in our community with a fun-filled week centered on God's Word. Look for more information to sign up and dates for this ministry at the beginning of the summer!

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